D Series Pigment preparation for Textile dyeing

D Series Pigment preparation for Textile dyeing

D-series Pigment Preparation for Textile Dyeing


Available products:

D-220 brilliant yellow      D-113 serise

D-202 medium yellow     D-118 pink

D-204 golden yellow      D-119 rubine

D-206 orange             D-116 reddish violet

D-117 reddish orange     D-115 bordeaux

D-111 scarlet             D-701 bluish violet

D-702 bluish violet        D-603 turquoise green

D-304 navy blue          D-801 brown

D-301blue                D-802 brown

D-302 brilliant blue       D-501 black

D-303 turquoise blue     D-601green



Si-Lian brand D-series pigment preparation for textile dyeing is one of the main products of our company. The pigment dyeing technology has a lot of advantages compared to conventional dye dyeing method, such as simplification of technology; complete set of color spectrum; convenience of color matching; reduction of expenditure on water, electricity and fuel; reduction of production costs by replacing reactive dyes, vat dyes and soluble vat dyes; and suitability for pigmentation of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber and mixed fiber.



Si-Lian brand pigment preparation ought to be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place and avoid contacting with acid materials. After taking out the product for use, the lid of the container must be covered tightly to prevent the product from contacting with air for a long time, so that the particle aggregation and skinning on the surface is avoided. The proper storage temperature is 0-40, neither too hot nor too cold. After stored for a long time, slight precipitation of partial particle in the preparation is a normal phenomenon; it may be used as normal after thoroughly agitated. It does not effect on the quality.


Storage time: two years


Note: Since we cannot predict or control your operational conditions, we suggest that you should do necessary sample tests to ensure that our products meet your requirements before use


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