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Analysis on the Countermeasures of Increasing the Future Sustainable Development of Ink Industry

Analysis on the Countermeasures of Increasing the Future Sustainable Development of Ink Industry

As the national government and the public pay more attention to environmental protection, the environmental pressure faced by the printing industry continues to increase. In the future, the development of ink industry, green environmental protection, safety and health will inevitably become the mainstream trend. Reducing environmental pollution and introducing green products have become the only way to develop ink industry.Since the printing industry was born, environmental protection and green has always been accompanied by the development of the environmental performance of ink has a direct impact on people and the environment. Many ink products in our country have different degree of pollution problems, the future development should pay more attention to the environmental performance of ink, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the ink industry.

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The environmental performance of the printing ink can be measured from the ink itself and the printing of ink, and the specific examination focuses on harmful metal indicators, heavy metal indexes, volatile organic compounds and so on. This reflects from the side, the environmental performance of the ink throughout the ink manufacturing, printing the whole process, any point can affect the environmental characteristics of ink.

China's ink products pollution problems also appear in the above indicators, such as heavy metal substances exceeded, volatile substances exceeded, excessive residual solvents and so on. The environmental protection of printing ink is prominent, which comes from our country's environmental protection system and less requirements.

Compared with developed countries such as Europe and America, there are few environmental protection requirements and environmental laws and regulations are not perfect in our ink industry. For example, developed countries in Europe and America have formulated the green safety laws and regulations on packaging materials, while China has paid more attention to the ink color and the sense of layering in the use of packaging materials and ink. In addition, China has yet to introduce laws and regulations on environmental protection and safety performance of printing ink.

In view of the environmental pressure of the printing industry, the prospective industry Research Institute believes that the Countermeasures for achieving the goal of sustainable development in the future can be carried out in two aspects. First of all, to speed up the formulation of green ink standards and related laws and regulations. The guarantee system is key to the future development of printing ink industry, we must further improve and refine the ink environmental protection laws and regulations, mandatory standards to accelerate the green environmental protection printing ink, ink industry sustainable development escort, promote green ink with international standards.

Secondly, establish the standard system of green environmental protection ink. In this regard, to establish a production process control standard system, try to use raw materials of high purity, reduce the content of toxic and harmful substances; the two is to establish the principle of development, adhere to the health and safety of the bottom line does not shake, enhance the concept of environmental protection; the three is to establish customer service system, focus strictly to identify the environmental performance and related indicators.

In general, Chinese ink industry to occupy a space for one person in the fierce market environment, we must accelerate the establishment of green ink standards and related system, to achieve international standards, so that products meet the requirements of environmental protection printing ink system at home and abroad.

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